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Eden: A Novel

Eden - Janelle Stalder Eden is a fast-moving fantasy tale set in a distant world that exists parallel to our own. Stalder succeeds in weaving together multiple story-lines into an exciting and engaging page turner.For this review and more please visit me at www.tattooedbookreview.com!I love an underdog story, and Eden is just that. In our world, Aiden is a normal, unpopular, fifteen year-old boy. When he finds himself in Eden, he must come to terms with how special he truly is, and ultimately be responsible for leading an entire army of men into battle. I enjoyed the way that Stalder handled Aiden's transformation. She allowed him to grow in skill and confidence as a soldier, but never took him too far from who is really is.Aiden's story is the only one that grabbed my interest. Stadler provides multiple plot lines, each with their own appeal. Each character has his or her own story to tell. I was particularly taken by the story of Callum and Rose. Callum is the brother to Jameson, the current High King of Eden. Callum has joined forces with Brutus the Red, and they hope to take control of all of Eden. When Callum's army destroys Rose's village, he kidnaps her and keeps her with him as the army travels. They have a great romantic tension, and I hope the second book gives us more of their story.I appreciated very much that Stadler didn't make the story a simple good vs. evil with only one side to root for. She succeeds in giving the "evil" side their own story, and at some points I found myself sympathizing with Callum and Brutus the Red. She made them human and even likable. She made it clear that on both sides of any war, there are people fighting for what they believe in.Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Eden. It is an epic and engaging fantasy, with a great cast of characters. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series!"Looking around at the high walls of the city, and thinking about the beauty inside them, and all the people, he knew that even though it wasn't his home, he couldn't let it be destroyed. The city, the forest, the land itself had a magical feel, a feeling of peace. There was no way he could stand by and let it be ruined."