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Forbidden Angel

Forbidden Angel - Megan D. Martin In Forbidden Angel, Megan D. Martin tackles an incredibly horrific and heart-wrenching subject: the Jewish Holocaust. However, this story reminds us that even in times of great tragedy and turmoil great love can still exist against all odds.I will admit that this was at times a difficult book to read:because it portrays real situations. I will not rehash the horrors, but getting through some parts was quite harrowing and extremely emotional.What kept me reading was the characters: people that were living in inhuman conditions, struggling to maintain some semblance of strength and to simply survive each horrible day. The author brings Sarah and Aurel together, obviously the unlikeliest of couples. She manages to create heat, connection, and chemistry in the midst of such terror and the danger their relationship creates for them. They are complex characters, each brave and but weak in their own way, struggling to come to terms with their feelings about each other and their own hopeless situations. The relationship brings light, warmth, and bit of hope to a story filled with unspeakable horrors. In a dramatic and beautiful climax, it becomes obvious that the perceived rights and wrongs of their relationship are not really all that important, when life and death are the stakes.“He crossed the space that separated them and wrapped his arms around her as gently as he could. He had no excuse for his actions. There was nothing he could say to make it better. The cold, hard truth was that they were both here, and the only reason for this was because of the circumstances they were in. He couldn’t bring himself to regret meeting her. Something seemed so right about her in his arms. They fit together, almost like it was meant to be.”*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.