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Tempted by Trouble

Tempted by Trouble - Susan Arden Visit www.tattoedbookreview.com on April 18 for my stop on the Tempted by Trouble Book Tour!“She had two things he wanted very badly; her ability to save his family’s failing cattle ranch and a promise of a night he’d remember for years. Taking one would mean giving the other up, because he couldn’t have both. This wasn’t the type of a woman a man could fuck and then work with as if nothing had happened.”SUPER HOT COWBOY ALERT! I loved this book.The story is engaging, the characters are great, and the sex is AMAZING.From the moment they meet, sparks fly between Matt and Carolina. Susan Arden expertly creates incredible sexual tension that builds and builds until the characters (and the reader!) can barely stand it. When they finally give in, the sex is explosive and incredibly well-written. Some of the scenes literally took my breath away.Matt is a fantastic hero: a handsome, chiseled, intelligent and sexy cowboy. A modern “caveman” type, he desires to possess Carolina completely, and when he does…. just WOW. Carolina possesses both strength and vulnerability, traits that make her a relatable and likable female lead."He took without asking, tearing down every wall she'd erected. The kiss continued on a path of destruction, her world fighting against his. Only when she whimpered and slumped against him, did he relinquish his power, turn raw greed into tenderness, and transform fire in soothing heat. He lifted her into his arms. "Tonight, baby, you're completely mine. By the time we're finished, we won't be two separate people."Overall, this is a fantastic read. I enjoyed the story and setting of the cattle ranch, the interesting plot, and most of all, the connection between these two characters. The evolution of their relationship is a (smokin’ hot!) delight to read, and the HEA an added bonus “This was madness. Matt drove her to the brink with his words and his body and she didn’t fight being out of control. This was more than a simple infatuation and girlhood flights of fancy. She didn’t need to think; it was in the absence of rational thought that he delivered her, into a place where she was free.”*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.