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Addictions of a Sex Demon (The Sex Demon Trilogy)

Addictions of a Sex Demon - Jaye Shields The Sex Demon Series is being released in a single volume as the SEX DEMON TRILOGY!Click Here for the Cover Reveal!I really enjoyed this sexy paranormal erotic romance. With beautiful description, Shields takes the reader to another reality where smoking hot dragon demons and gorgeous sex demons live among humans and other supes.Axel and Seph share and immediate and electric chemistry, that leads to some fantastic sex, even before it becomes apparent that their relationship could be something more. Axel and Seph’s lust is breathtaking, but their story is truly about love and need. They need each other to survive. This becomes most important as they must fight for each-other in an action-packed climax.“A burst of laughter escaped her, but so too did tears. Yep, she was in big trouble. She was in love, whether she liked it or not. She was pretty sure she fell in love the very first night he refused to supply her with the fae wing.‘What kind of dealer doesn’t deal, huh?’ She shoved his shoulder playfully and was glad he wouldn’t see her tears through the darkness.‘I only deal to keep the bad shit out of my town. Recreation is one thing, but stuff like fae wing only does bad things to good people.’‘It takes away bad memories.’‘I’ll take away your bad memories.’ “The book moves quickly, is well-written, and Shields manages some wonderful world-building in between the love story, steamy sex and heart-stopping action. A romantic visit to a picturesque waterfall really stood out to me:“Her hand found his like a magnet and she pulled him closer to the lavender pool of water. As the falls crashed against the surface, a thick, white spray cast silky moisture against their skin.‘Is my shock that obvious? It’s beautiful.’ Her smile was unstoppable. ‘Drug dealer, town healer, and romancer extraordinaire…you’re quite the demon of all trades, aren’t you, dragon boy?’ “*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.