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The Viscount's Pleasure House

The Viscount’s Pleasure House - Suzi Love Please visit www.tattooedbookreview.com for this review and more!I thoroughly enjoyed this sexy, historical romp! I was immediately whisked away to another time and place, and I was quite happy to stay for a while.I was drawn in by the main characters, especially Justin, the "Virile Viscount". His is an intriguing, lovable, and flawed character, engaging in the most dishonorable of activities in order to become the honorable man he seems in his heart to be. When Chrissie enters the story, sparks fly and I loved the chemistry the author so easily creates for the pair.The book has an engaging plot. I was hooked: I wanted to keep reading, find out what happened next, and learn more about the characters. The author creates a vivid and sexy world then captures the reader's attention. Love flawlessly uses tone, dialogue, and details to completely transport the reader to another time, while still keeping the characters and story relatable and intriguing. I felt like I was inside one of the period films I so adore. Though there is drama, heartache, and intensity, there is also an underlying sense of humor. I often caught myself smiling as I turned the pages.The characters, plot, steamy sex, and beautiful romance combined with the extremely well done historical aspect of the book make this a great read!*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.