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Dangerous Games: Sex and Slavery

Dangerous Games: Sex and Slavery - Damian Swiss,  Daphne Simons Please Click Here for an interview with the authors!Disclaimer: As long as it involves consenting adults, I do not judge others’ kink. Every D/s relationship is different.This book is the gripping, honest, and incredibly erotic story of one couple’s journey as Master and slave.I am struck with how brave this book is. It is not a work of fiction. Damian and Daphne are candidly and brutally honest about their lives, both past and present. They chronicle not only their intense physical experiences, but the emotions that accompany them. They have shared not only their interactions as Master and slave, but go deep in to the reasons behind their actions: why they do it, what it brings at the moment, and how it affects the rest of their lives.I enjoyed the style in which to book was written: the back and forth between the authors. They each have a unique voice and perspective, which helps to bring balance to the story. Their were situations that I didn’t necessarily understand until I had read both perspectives. Being able to see the relationship in this way makes this book incredibly compelling and readable. I wanted desperately to know how each of them felt. The book forced me to be thoughtful and balanced about my own feelings while reading about certain situations: to step back and really examine what I think and feel, rather than rely on snap emotions.This book is not light and fluffy. It is not a HEA Romance with some light BDSM elements or even a dark erotic fantasy. It is real, surprising, intriguing, intensely sexual and honest, and as I realized as it went on, designed to help readers understand not only Damian and Daphne’s story, but to push readers’ own boundaries. I recommend that you read this book with a open mind and an open heart: you just might learn something about yourself.*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.