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Finding Mercy

Finding Mercy - D.L. Jackson See this review and more at www.tattooedbookreview.comI love this book! *Note: I have a slight obsession with “Prepping” and combine that with a sexy romance, and I’m one happy girl Set among the backdrop of a beautiful and remote Wyoming town, this romance has so many intriguing elements: a war hero, a troubled newscaster, and a community of Doomsday preppers.At the heart of the story is Justin and Mercy’s romance. Their undeniable chemistry leads them to a no-strings-attached relationship; though they quickly realize they mean much more to each other. Their story of sacrifice, love, and redemption is multi-layered, emotional and well-written. Each incredibly strong in their own way, Justin and Mercy must make difficult choices and sacrifices in order to be together, find peace, and become who they truly want to be.The intriguing subplot of potential Doomsday, heart-pounding action, and Mercy and Justin’s spicy sexual attraction and ultimately sweet romance combine to make this a creative and throughly enjoyable read.