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Turning Point (The Kathleen Turner Series #3)

Turning Point - Tiffany Snow Be sure to check out my stop on the Turning Point book tour on March 26 at www.tattooedbookreview.com!Wow, what a ride! This book has tons of pulse-pounding action, criminal and political intrigue, a couple of super-sexy male leads, a fantastic heroine, hot romance and even hotter sex!I really enjoyed Kat’s character, she’s tough and vulnerable at the same time. She’s believable and relatable, a girl I would love to hang out with, have a few glasses of wine, and let her fill me in on the hot men that seem to flock to her and will do anything to keep her safe. She has some serious choices to make: love, career, and ultimately what she wants out of life (is she doesn’t get herself killed!). And of course there’s Kade and Blane… what will she do about them. I won’t spoil the story but I’m Team Kade all the way. I can’t resist a sexy bad-boy, even if he a ruthless killer. Kade: “Neither Blane nor I are your happily-ever-after, princess. Blane will break your heart, and I’m the guy your mom warned you about. Don’t kid yourself about that.”This suspense filled page turner is well-written and “unputdownable”. Snow deftly creates a multi-layered plot, with twist, turns, and surprises, but I was never left confused. I was swept up and left breathless by the both the action and the emotional romance. One minute, they’re running for their lives, and the next minute Blane and Kat are in a steamy sex scene, and none of it ever seems out of place. The main cast of characters are well-rounded and the author guarantees that we know them well, witnessing their strengths as well as their vulnerabilities. As far as the series, I am eagerly awaiting the next book!*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.