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Atonement (Atonement, #1)

Atonement (Atonement, #1) - Elle Chardou See this review and more at www.tattooedbookreview.comDramatic, emotional, and sexy, Atonement is an intriguing romance.Two people are trapped in the odd rut that can occur between college and the real world. Circumstances have prevented them from moving forward with their lives, and finding a potential life partner finally spurs them to evaluate their lives, and what they really want.Though I didn't find any of the main characters particularly relatable (that doesn't mean that other readers won't), I still very much enjoyed Colin and Deirdre's romance and the way it develops. The author builds plenty of sexual tension but handles the couple's interactions carefully, allowing them to establish an intense emotional connection; a connection that is necessary for the difficulties their relationship must endure.This plot flows easily, with twists and turns and dramatic moments. It is a story of honesty, forgiveness, and healing, ending in a dramatic moment that has me eager to read more about these characters.*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.