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I'm a tattooed lady. I love reading and reviewing books, especially erotica and romance. I have a book blog at www.tattooedbookreview.com 

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Mile Below Peep Show

Mile Below Peep Show - Nishi Serrano Read this review and more at www.tattooedbookreview.comI truly enjoyed reading this novella! Prior to Mile Below Peep Show I was a Steampunk virgin, and I'm so glad that I took the plunge. I will definitely read more in the future. (If you're not familiar with Steampunk check out the wiki.Serrano has created a fascinating and sexy underwater resort, where visiting club members can make all of their fantasies come true. The novella is a delight to read. Somehow it manages to feel historical and futuristic all at the same time. The descriptions are wonderfully vivid and the characters engaging. There is lovely romance and steamy sex. I was completely taken in by the world that Serrano created, and look forward to reading more of her work!