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I'm a tattooed lady. I love reading and reviewing books, especially erotica and romance. I have a book blog at www.tattooedbookreview.com 

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Shattered - C.C.   Brown Read this review and more at www.tattooedbookreview.com!Shattered is an emotional journey towards healing, with captivating characters, a thoughtful romance, and an engaging story.I rarely reference other reviews in my own but there seems to be so much conflict in the way readers feel about Dallis. I certainly respect everyone’s opinions; I just want to throw mine in there. So many people seem to dislike Dallis. Dallis is damaged, a shell. But it’s not her fault; both of her parents died tragically, at a time when she still hasn’t figured out who she is or what she really wants out of life. I suppose she could be seen as cold and bitchy, but I just didn’t see her that way. I admired her strength and determination to move on with her life. I completely understood why she dealt with Colby the way she did; she needed to stand on her own two feet and not depend on his money. Yes, she’s very flawed, broken even. But personally, I found her character relatable and honest. (And for the record: I hated Colby, the pompous ass. I wanted him gone.)Enter Grayson. I’m a sucker for tattoos and blue eyes. I get all fuzzy and and can’t think straight. Fortunately, Dallis is more guarded than I am. She takes more time and convincing, leading to a well paced romance that takes time and thought to build and develop. There was an underlying heat and chemistry but the connection was forged on real emotion and the result is a very real romance, real healing, a real story, and a real ending; no cliffhangers here, folks *I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.