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A Song for Julia (Thompson Sisters)

A Song for Julia  - Charles Sheehan-Miles See this review and more at www.tattooedbookreview.comBrilliant, heart-wrenching, and completely captivating, A Song for Julia is a poignant tale of love, family, healing and redemption.Julia and Crank each have their own interesting story to tell, but put them together and it is the perfect storm. Intrigue, intense emotion, and undeniable chemistry define this unlikely couple. They are both relatable, multi-dimensional characters, complete with strengths, flaws, difficult pasts, and hopeful futures. The author uses both characters to narrate the story, transitioning seamlessly from one perspective to the other: quite a task when they each possess a completely unique voice. Theirs is not an easy relationship: it is difficult, messy, and beautiful.Crank and Julia’s story is not the only highlight of the book. They have lives outside their relationship. These sub-plots and the secondary cast of characters make the story rich and vibrant; the author brings to life the nuances of complicated families and friendships. These relationships are an integral part of the characters, adding another element to this already compelling story.The truth is, I have trouble finding the words to properly describe how I feel about this book. I absolutely love it. It is why I read books. I was completely overcome by the intense emotion and left tearful and breathless at the conclusion. In Crank and Julia’s story, the author reminds us that sometimes an unlikely person becomes the most important person, the one who changes everything, the reason we are able to finally become who we are meant to be. “ ‘I don’t want to be to be one of your conquests. I don’t want to be another fucking girl getting screwed- someone your bandmates say was a horrible scene the next morning.’‘I like it when you say ‘fucking’.’ I closed my eyes. ‘You’re impossible.’ ‘That’s why you love me.’ ‘I do not love you. I don’t even like you.’ ‘You will,’ he said, his voice low and luscious. I could feel the vibration of that voice from my ears all the way down to my feet. ‘Maybe,’ I whispered. ‘But not tonight.’ “ *I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.