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Overnight Sensation (Naughty Sleepover)

Overnight Sensation (Naughty Sleepover) - Desiree Holt See this review and more at www.tattooedbookreview.comA sweet and super hot BDSM erotic romance. This story has a great combination of a willing but inexperienced sub and her potential dream man, a sexy Texas Ranger that happens to be a Dom. Their chemistry is immediate and the pages sizzle with it. I appreciated that the author told the story from both characters' perspective, and that it was executed seamlessly. This is a hot, steamy, and satisfying novella, with the added bonus of a HEA :)"Abbie didn’t usually act impetuously so why had she followed the man out of the bar without any reservation? She’d about given up her quest to find what she was looking for in a man—solid, sexy. A man who wanted the same type of things in the bedroom she did. A man who could claim both her body and her heart. Yet it had seemed the most natural thing to be led out of the noise and confusion of the bar by a man whose name she didn’t even know. Despite his relaxed attitude, she could feel—almost see—the power radiating from him. He was a man in control, the very element that drew her to him so strongly. Because Abbie Lawlor carried a secret—as a latent submissive, she wanted a monogamous relationship with the right kind of Dom."*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.